Be You Boutique Sulligent, AL  
Back Porch Boutique Oxford, MS
Crooked Letter Lucedale, MS  
Fantasy Cottage Quitman, MS  
Faye's Philadelphia, MS  
Generation X Comics & Games Bedford, TX
Jaguar Blu Stillwater, MN  
Lewellen Boutique Ripley, MS  
MG & Co Philadelphia, MS  
Miller's Station Senatobia, MS  
Moore Boutique Trenton, TN  
OCH Gift Shop Starkville, MS  
Olde Style Vape Co Olive Branch, MS
Park Place Boutique & Salon Columbus, MS
Pink Coconut Olive Branch, MS
PRCC Bookstore Poplerville, MS
Prissy Pistols Boutique Tupelo, MS
RedCross Drug Store LaGrande, OR
Savory Sisters Catering LLC Blossom, TX
Side Alley Hernando, MS  
Southern Roots Fashion Arley, AL
Spencer's Dairy Kream Grenada, MS
Swan Furniture & Gifts Marion, AR
The Shop...w/alittle bit of everything San Benito, TX
The Upside of Downs Independence, OH

If there is nothing near you please have your favorite store contact Denise 901.337.2955 is they would be interested in carrying them or feel free to shop Morgan's website.