I am a 21 year old graduate from Lewisburg High School in Olive Branch, MS and have down syndrome. That does not stop or define me. I am very active in #SpecialOlympics, competitive cheer, #BestBuddies and I LOVE music. I decided I needed to make my own money so I could attend my favorite concerts. I got to meet @BlakeShelton and my goal is to meet many more. In 2 weeks I have earned enough to buy pit passes to see @MirandaLambert, @ThomasRhett and @KelseaBallerini (hoping to meet all of them too). I enter every beauty pageant I find and have held the title of Mississippi #MissAmazing Jr Teen and currently Teen, I Am Beautiful (Delta Fair), Miss LHS Congeniality and was on Homecoming Court 2 years in Middle School and voted to be on ballet in High School. See the abilities not the disability. It may take me a minute longer but I can do all things I set my mind to. Thanks for supporting my dreams.